"Why should I consider installing SuperFOIL Insulation in my loft"?

Why not Fibreglass?

Fibreglass loses it's thermal performance over time due to compaction, damage and moisture-related issues.


With multifoil, this isn’t a concern. It's design will keep it working to the best of its abilities for years to come.


A selection of photos of fibreglass in peoples lofts. Amazing to think that below this dirt and filth is a beautiful home just 18mm or 2/3rds of a inch of plasterboard (the thickness of your ceiling) away.

Fibreglass complaints 
1. Top row - Dampness on the fibreglass turning to mould.
2. Middle row - Fibreglass disintegrates into dust over time.
3. Bottom row - New Fibreglass installed incorrectly. Sagging unstable boards having been attacked by condensation from the bottom up. More dust!
SuperFOIL Benefits
1. Fibrglass removed, loft floor swept and hoovered with Henry. A nice clean loft envoiroment. 
2. SuperFOIL installed to exceed building regulations by giving a UValue of 0.16 Wm2/K.
3. Loft kept to just below the  temperature of the rooms below to ensure a warm dry environment for your loft and everything in it. 
4. Eradicates condensation and mould growth in the new clean, airtight loft. Meaning  better health and wealth to the householders.
5. The majority of our insulation range are 3-in-1, containing both insulation and vapour control - not only are you creating a well-insulated project, but also protecting the fabric of the build.  You can take comfort in the fact that our line of insulations has passed rigorous testing and is certified to meet national and European building regulations.
6. SuperFOIL SFNC is the only insulation of its kind to be certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) as European Class A1 Non-Combustible, which is the highest possible rating of fire safety.
7. Reflection of Radiant heat keeps you both warm in Winter and cool in Summer
Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 17.59.59.png
Keeps you: Warm in Winter
Keeps you: Cool in Summer