StoreMORE - Floor Storage solution for lofts insulated at joist level.

BBA approved loft storage flooring system in the market today. StoreMORE flooring is simply but effectively designed to allow your insulation to be installed to current building regulations and still maintain a 50mm gap from top of insulation to bottom of board. This ensures we can put a 10yr Insurance Backed Guarantee, through the IWA, on all our StoreMORE flooring installations.

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1. Your StoreMORE flooring allows your Fibreglass to keep its height and shape. We top up the fibreglass and add ventilation at the eaves to ensure compliance.

"A fabulous investment".

2. The SuperFOIL provides an airtight solution meaning your heat does not escape thus saving you up to £250 a year on fuel bills.

3. The SuperFOIL eliminates 

excessive heat gain in the Summer allowing you to sleep easy in the hot sticky nights ahead.